The One Thing You Need to Be Doing to Get Ahead in Your Career

If you want to get ahead in your career, you are probably already doing a number of things: networking, setting goals and working hard.

But there is one thing you may have overlooked, perhaps because you see it as an extra luxury, rather than a step in self-improvement: massage therapy.

It has been proven that there are many benefits to massage. Some of the best benefits are the ones that can, in fact, boost your career. Let's look at three ways that massage therapy is helping executives rise to the top faster, and excel in every facet of life:

1. Massage Therapy is a Great Creativity Hack

A sports therapist for the USA National Volleyball Team, Yodi Richeson, claims that massage can "free your thoughts", allowing you to see the bigger picture when trying to come up with creative solutions. When you allow yourself the moments to let go and relax, the world becomes clearer and you are able to create with sharper vision.

2. Massage Can Boost Your Immune System

Medical studies show that massage as a way of improving your well-being not only feels good, but boosts your body from the inside. Long-standing strain and muscle tension is relieved, while it can also reduce anxiety, insomnia and Temporomandibular joint pain. In another medical study conducted in Los Angeles, folks receiving a massage (in as little as 45 minutes) experienced an increase in lymphocytes, the white blood cells which help ward off diseases.

3. Self-care Strengthens Your Heart

We all know that you function better at work when your mind and body is at ease. But all too often, our blood pressure can rise quickly due to fast-paced productions, deadlines and dealing with less-than-ideal clients or colleagues.

Dr. Leena Guptha says that massage therapy can help with this. It reduces heart rate and helps to lower your blood pressure. The strokes of a professional massage therapist can help with your lymphatic circulation, creating the ideal pace for your heart to function well.

The Wellness Investment

When we prioritize self-care and self-improvement, we are investing in perhaps the single most important thing we need. So before you get to work on your practical goals, take some time out for your well-being today.

We have 3-Pack offers with personalized sessions which you can schedule at your own convenience. Choose from 60 minutes, 90 minutes or 120 minutes of complete relaxation and restoration.

To guarantee success in life, put your wellness first and foremost, today. Your body--and your career--will thank you.

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