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My treatments are personalized and specialized to YOUR specific ailments and needs. I don’t do walk-ins because then it’s just a massage. My treatment sessions are planned out ahead of time, just for you. If you would like, I am happy to speak with you before you schedule your first session to discuss your plan and how we want to go about tackling it. 

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NewLine welcomes Christa Reihl from CSR Signature Massage to the studio! Starting September 30th, Christa will be taking daytime appointments Monday through Wednesday. Visit CSR Signature Massage to learn more.

Trigger Points:

Clinical based therapy that works

Have you ever noticed how pressing on one point of your body can trigger a reaction in another? Sure, we all have, and that’s been a key to resolving pain for thousands of years.


We don’t need expensive pillows, heating pads, chemical drugs, and other modern day concoctions to give temporary relief. What’s needed for a lasting solution is proper contact and gentle stretching of the bodies trigger points.

Feeling better never felt so good

The spine is where most problems begin, eventually spreading to the neck and shoulders, lower back and hips. When this happens, your mobility, comfort and lifestyle all suffer too. But don’t worry, I am here to help you find relief.


As a well trained full spine therapist, I know where to find the issues and then incorporate the best treatment possible to help eliminate your specific ailments.    


One size does not fit all, so it’s important for you to select a skilled practitioner with a holistic approach. The techniques I use allow you to live your daily life with more pep, better sleep, and a happy spring to your steps, without the debilitating pain.


Did you know that 77 percent of Americans say they experience a physical response to stress on a regular basis? That's a crazy number of people living with regular pain. These are demanding times; from work commitments to late night deadlines, from long lines at the grocery store to daunting traffic. Stress is just about everywhere these days and it likes to invade your body. That’s why taking proper care of your muscles and joints will help you fend off stress that can cause nervousness and headaches.

Where are your trigger points?

Each of us have different ways of moving around. Some have sedentary desk jobs that put constant strain on certain spinal joint sets. Some are athletes, guitar players, gardeners, mothers with loaded grocery bags and kids in tow. Whoever you are, whatever you do, muscles and joints can get overburdened and cause you pain. It’s my profession to help discover where yours are and how to unravel them so you feel sharp and lively - every day.

Enhanced mobility so you

can move and groove

Ok, so you’re stiff in the joints and muscles, right? And all you want to do is walk to the next room without pain. You get headaches, feel a loss of energy and just can’t move around like you should. My methods loosen up the pesky kinks to help you regain your natural range of motion. My weekend warrior patients really appreciate this.

Restoring your mind-body balance for greater productivity

You know it, I know it. When you feel good, your mind and body are much more productive. This is called balance. It’s a key focus in my practice. People regularly tell me they are happier they began treatments with me. For my 9 to 5 folks, they can get through their days on the computer without major pain creeping up on them. 

Steve's chronic muscle pain:

Case Study

I have a client named Steve. He used to be an avid runner, but stopped because of chronic pain in his right hip. It was a big problem. We embarked on a focused treatment over the course of 5 weeks that loosened his hip muscles, and got him back in alignment. Harmony was restored. 

Alyson had this to say about NewLine...

"There are people who give generic massages - and then, there is Travis! I can't recommend him strongly enough. His massages are clearly a blend between art and science - creating a relaxing massage experience while also working with you to pinpoint trouble areas or painful spots. Travis is professional and caring, firm but gentle. He's helped me with neck, shoulder, and jaw issues that were a result of workout injuries or just sleeping in the wrong position."